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We are the Pioneers of Sikh Media


Why Choose Sikh Channel?


We broadcast worldwide

Diverse Programming

From adults to children we have a diverse range of shows

24/7 dedicated to Sikh Faith

At Sikh Channel one of our core values is to spread the message of Sikhi and we are a 100% dedicated to Sikhi Prachar.


We are committed to 100% transparency

Breaking News

We deliver ground-breaking stories from around the globe

Voice for the Voiceless

We are the peoples channel, and give people who have been silenced for so many years the chance to finally speak.


We are an independent faith based channel

Open Platform

The Sikh channel is open to everyone, not just Sikhs

Only the truth

At Sikh Channel, one of our core principles is to deliver the truth. We pride ourselves in delivering the truth to audiences across the board.

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