Give hope all year round with 10VANDH, our simple monthly direct debit Dasvandh service via PayPal supporting thousands of people in the community.

Through the Sikh Channel’s 10 year anniversary Dasvandh, 10VANDH, we are taking part in 10 community projects covering a large cross-section of the population, to provide you with both convenience and fulfilment that you are contributing to supporting the community at large.

Our 10VANDH ten community projects:

  1. Save the Punjabi Language project
  2. Education in Punjab
  3. Support for widows and orphans of farmers who committed suicide in Punjab
  4. Afghani Community Project
  5. Drug rehabilitation in Punjab
  6. Project helping disabled people in the UK
  7. Hosting 550 Langar across the world in commemoration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550 Gurpurab
  8. Youth Rehabilitation in the UK
  9. Sikh Channel International Mentoring Scheme in the UK and Punjab
  10. Mental Health Awareness

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Make 10VANDH your Dasvandh this year and beyond by filling out the form on this page. Payments are powered by PayPal, and rolling monthly instalments are taken automatically.

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