A weekly Live medical show presented by Mr Ajaib Singh Garcha in which audiences can obtain free consultations and obtain details on alternative herbal medicines and remedies.




KInd attention Mr Garcha and LOVEING SAT SIRI AKAL JI
Wat u make a prograam with Dr. Anju Regarding Harbal medician
I like to recived Dr Anju telipone or e-mail

Bahadur Singh

Great addictive and informative show presented by respected Mata Ji and Bhai Ajaib Singh ji in a most welcome and traditional style. Obviously the only way to have a thorough advice would be a longer consultation, best face to face, but very good in the circumstances.Businesses, Please sponsor the shows, and I’m sure you will get publicity mentions number of times during the show, and audience will appreciate. Audiences, please ring Sikh Chanel and donate any amount you like and tell them its for the Health show. This way WaheGuru will provide a full benefits.

tanish tanday

dr I scratch every where but it is not rash it is all over my body.what should I do mata help me.

I have azsma too.For me its hard to breath and i found you to help me.

Gurnam Singh

Dear Sirs, I would like to have the contacts for Dr. Anju ji. please provide me the requested details.
Waiting for a kind response.
Gurnam Singh
from Italy

pardeep Kaur


i like ur herbal medicine programme could u please send the copies of the mundra u show on Monday 9and 16 September 2013 on this email addres i dont have internet. Ihave diabetics, blood pressure,gas, digestion, pain and ache in my body feeling very low terrible knee pain. Wahji ka khalsa wah ji ki fateh.

Bhupinderjit Rai

Sat Shri Akal,

I like your Herbal Medicine program. Please could you send me the copies of the mudra’s. I have knee pain and low energy.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki Fateh.

harjinder kaur rai

sat shri akal ji,
i like your herbal medicine show. i have leg and neck pain could you pls send me Dr anju ji number i would like to contact you. if i want to sponsor this show how will it cost
Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh.

Mrs M Kaur

Hi, although I enjoyed watching your programme for the first time, I genuinely thought this Mrs Anju was there to help. I called her according to the information that was given to me via the show at apparently 10.59am. What a mistake that was I received the the biggest lecture ever for calling 1minute before the time was due for her to open her phone line surgery. She also informed me that this was the channels decision to open her phone line at 11 am not hers. After being told off for about 10 mins she asked what the problem was, after letting her know she decided the information couldn’t be given over the phone instead I had to make a personal visit to her although she could not guarantee that she would be there if we went. My dad also called and asked what he could do with knee pain, she told my dad to go and see your doctor I can’t help you. My question to you Dr Garcha is why have people like this on your show, give their information out for us to get help when they are not happy to do it. We called because we require help and genuinely believe that this is what we would receive, we don’t ask for help to be abused by people. Maybe you should find people that are genuinely there to help the general public and not worried about what time they have to live their life as this is what was quoted to me by Mrs Anju.

Gurpreet Singh

Dear programmers,

Waheguru ji ka khals, waheguru ji ki fateh – I humbly ask for the programmers to kindly confirm to your viewers what credentials Dr Anju has as a herbal medicine practitioner and whether she is qualified to be giving medical advice and subscribing herbal and ayurvedic medicine to patients that potentially have serious illnesses and may be on conventional drugs and medication. This is a serious question as the tv channel would be held liable in the event of any issues which could arise in the area of medical negligence.

Thank you
G Singh


I wanted to as ask about Arthritis health show, this was about 2 weeks ago and they were treating with medicine. pls give me contact details.

Many thanks

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