Breakfast Show


The Breakfast Show is everything you need for a perfect morning. A ground breaking show hosted by Manpreet Kaur, Dilbagh Singh and Baljinder Singh bridging the gap between east and west, old and young, a fantastic show for the whole family.

Each show is blessed with a Hukamnama from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, followed by Live Hukamnama explanations by Bhai Amardeep Singh Ji at Guru Arjun Dev Ji Gurdwara, Derby.

Bhai Sukhjinder Singh performs simran (meditation) to engage the Sangat with Waheguru’s name to relax the mind.

The Breakfast Show is not just for adults. It also caters for our young Khalsa with a variety of daily animated movies and the popular Learn Gurmukhi series.

The hosts provide daily news updates in both English and Punjabi of all current affairs across the world followed by the weather, so you never miss a thing. Our presenters also provide you with daily health tips.

Each morning the show brings you exclusive guest interviews, and public phone-ins, so viewers at home can also take part in the show.

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Dlbag Singh, Manpreet Kaur & Baljinder Singh

Broadcast Time

Monday to Friday – 7:00am

Repeat (If any)


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