Late Night Banter with Del Singh

Late Night Banter is a light entertainment based chat show with host Del Singh speaking with interesting and inspirational guests from Sikh and Non-Sikh backgrounds. A chat based non-religious show designed to highlight the character of guests thorough fun and witty banter.

Message from Del Singh:

My name is Deljit, but when Indian people spell my name they spell it as Daljit or nowadays as Diljit because the latter is a singer who is currently popular.  I am a Del (not a Dell as I’m definitely not PC ), not a lentil based Dal or a herb based Dil, because of my late father’s spelling abilities back in 1962.
On my birth certificate he gave the registrar the spelling of my name as Deljit and not Daljit – so thank you dad, so glad you did as I’m definitely a Del!    Over time Deljit has been shortened to Del and the rise of Only Fools & Horses means that people are at ease with a Del or a Del Boy, so much so my car registration plate reads – DEL 5 80Y.
I was born in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire in 1962…yes, I really am that ancient!   My family was the first Sikh family in the city and when I and my older brothers first went to school in the city we were the only non-white children in the school.   As the staff thought our two syllable Indian names would be too hard for them and other children we were given actual English or Christian names.
I was given the name Paul, it wasn’t a name I liked (sorry all you Paul’s out there – could have been worse I could have been Ringo!).  When I moved from the infants school to a junior school I went back to Deljit and apart from some early name calling from the school bullies people got used to Deljit….clearly it wasn’t that hard for teachers or kids.